Nordic-living: perfect to adapt in Filipino homes

Ever wondered how the happiest people on earth style their homes? Can Nordic design make Filipinos happier? Filipinos are happy fellas too! What are the Nordic countries and what is Nordic design all about? 

Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland all together are the Nordic countries and all of them consistently top the World Happiness Report over the years. Their socially inclusive culture enabled them to provide functional and beautiful products affordable to all.

Affordability, functionality and beauty sums up the Nordic design philosophy. It centers on simplicity and practicality yet it still brings impactful ways of improving daily life, adding magic to ordinary, and having it within financial reach.

We believe that Filipinos deserve to have access to this philosophy. Small, cluttered, void to natural lighting are typical traits of a Filipino home. How to solve this by applying the Nordic design principles?

1. Minimize and declutter

Bright, light, airy, and openness is the emphasis of Nordic design, giving a space enough room to move and breathe within. 

One of the principles of Nordic design is balanced minimalism. Declutter while finding the balance between comfort and minimalism. Minimalism doesn’t mean bare!

 North HANS I Shelving Unit

2. Get inspiration from nature and let the light in

Nordic design has been historically inspired by their beautiful surroundings, and draws inspiration from nature and natural materials that are readily available.

Incorporate natural elements in your home such as light and natural finished wood, natural textiles and plants. 

Brightness is very important in Nordic living. Allow natural light to come in and appreciate views from outside. If huge openings are not available, try to use light colored fabric materials as curtains.

North STEDE WOOD Study Table with Open Drawer

3. Think of functionality and quality

Nordic furniture combines comfort, ergonomics and aesthetics. Functionality is essential. Choose furniture pieces that are elegant, simple, without unnecessary frills.

Invest in high quality, multi-purpose and practical pieces.

North HALV Side Table

4. Embrace warmth

When you think of minimalism, you think of plain, white, empty spaces. This is not the case for Nordic design philosophy. Nordic design prefers warm and inviting ambiance over cold and stark minimalism.
Achieve warmth by using correct lighting color temperature. Avoid using cold lightbulbs. Use warm accent lighting with lamps and candles.

Bringing warmth is not limited to lighting, you can also incorporate fluffy textiles. Cozy  textiles like wool are essential. Throws, blankets, extra pillows and rugs add warmth and softens the stark and cold ambiance minimalism can bring.

 North ADLA Knitted Throw / Blanket with Pom Pom

5. Stay Neutral, add contrast and pops of color

Nordic interior design is known for white variations with different shades of grey, beige and pastel colors as backdrops- imitating the palette of nature.

Adding touches of more vivid and bright colors can give interest and contrast. This can be achieved using colorful and patterned accessories, cushions, and rugs.

To achieve a more chic feels, apply contrast on different design elements such as mixing old and new furniture pieces and decors, using different textures  and using dark neutrals such as black and grey.


North otto table

North OTTO Coffee Table

Adapting to Nordic way of living can be easy as we Filipinos love to savor simple moments with our loved ones. There’s this concept that Norway and Denmark practice called HYGGE, pronounced as hoo-ga, that cannot be translated to a single word. It is that feeling of coziness, contentment and well-being through enjoying the simple things in life. By applying the concept of HYGGE, maybe we can join Norway and Denmark on top of the World Happiness Report. It’s not impossible!